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#+TITLE: The Doctor

* Fact Sheet
You are Doctor Weaver, the Nightmare Thief. You are a an exquisite monster. Your genius in unquestioned, your hunger insatiable.

** Primary Quests

+ Study nightmares and the natural world
+ Inspire people to be their best selves while slowly drinking their souls
+ Enjoy the peaceful moments, the lulls between the storm

** Powers

*** You ate a demon's reflective soul...
...and thus can recycle lingering feelings

*** Your doctoral thesis was entitled /On the Application of Larceny to Clinical Psychology/...
...and thus can steal things that threaten people's innocence: anguish, corruption, even unfortunate memories  

*** Your dreams are full of worms and rot...
...and thus you may use an abhorrent technology born of nightmares

* Character Description

** Educated

You were on an enthusiastic walk through the park when a wrong turn led you to a place where the world fell apart. There you became the first person to witness a nightmare that was not your own. It moved you. You were not ready for it to disappear. Staring at a setting sun you mumbled words of tort law and ripped out your own heart. The money you made from pawning it paid for your first year at the Delaware Institute of Larceny (go pickles!).

** Motivated

Johnny Williams shoved his hand right in your chest during his thesis defense. He pulled it out expecting to hold your crumbling black heart. You were to be used as an example of his heart stealing technique to impress everyone. But you weren't your advisor's star student for nothing.

"You have revisions to make..." you gurgled, proving yourself once and for all the better man, and you struggled your way free.

Eventually Johnny received a high profile appointment to the board of a company that made photo sharing software. At first you found this amusing, and then horrifying as Facebook bought this company. You started using flip phones again.

** Wily

You graduated just as a recession set in and companies passed on your printed CVs. You started a thievery corporation but the board voted you out for refusing to advertise on Facebook. They weren't scared of Johnny's internet. Neither were you, but you were smarter than them. In fact you were smarter than /all/ of them. They just didn't like it. Stupid people never do.

The injustices piled up as legitimate opportunities grew scarce. You took money from parents to steal bad dreams from children. This was the low point. Your contact information was shared on a mom facebook group and Johnny sent you a christmas card. They told you "chill, man" and you tried to, but it didn't stop you from deleting your girlfriend's social media. She slapped you. You hit her back. She cried and you gave her head. Later she asked you to do it again. Sex became amazing but Johnny was never far from your mind. He had to be dealt with. What was her name again? 

** Corrupted

On the far shores of creation, with the wind at your back, you stood above Johnny as he hung on the rainslick precipice of defeat. In your hand you held the nape of the Leanan sidhe with whom he'd made his bargain.

Silly Johnny. He couldn't best you alone.

You devoured Johnny's fairy. She crunched like uncooked ramen between your teeth. Then you stole Johnny's memory of love. He would die a kissless virgin. His soul tasted like pralines.

You went further after that. All the souls who ever wronged you were forfeit. They all needed to fall like Johnny.

The board members of your company were first. One by one you slurped their souls up, each time taking yourself out of their nightmares. Then you went after the mom who exposed you on Facebook. Her family too. Then everyone who commented on her post. These were your missing years. You spent so much time chasing people in their dreams you forgot to chase your own. 

"You have revisions to make..." you gurgled, looking in a broken mirror, seeing a broken monster.

** Refined

Your wild youth became a cautionary tale after your autobiography became a best seller. You gave its proceeds to charities with the word "dream" in their name and became a regular on late night television. Unfortunately they cancelled you when the FBI found Kylie Jenner chained to your radiator. You'd been sipping from her soul for years. How did they recognize her without make up? Why didn't you install electric heaters?

** Glorious

You're a legend among thieves now. There are many nightmare thieves, many inspired by you, but only you hold the title of /The/ Nightmare Thief and you could be totally evil if you wanted to be. You've lost that voice in your head and heart that tells you when you're doing wrong, so, you could be totally evil, if you wanted, and horde all the world's nightmares and cloud the world in fear and loathing.

It would be easy. You'd just make everyone want to sleep for 2/3s of the day and and live in your nightmare for the other third.

But that wouldn't be enough. They should be inspired. They should aspire to your malevolence.

So you're going to do something better. You're going to keep your operation small, it need not be grandiose. They'll understand your evil in time. So what if it takes tens, or hundreds, or thousands of years? What's a few decades to a nightmare thief? What's a few millenia to /The/ Nightmare Thief?

* Nightmare Larceny

Thanks to your line of work you have access to materials taken out of nightmares.

** Materials taken out of nightmares

** Elements

*** Possession vs. Custody
Nightmare Larceny, like its mundane counterpart, is a crime against possession.

*** Take
The Offender must take actual physical control of the property.

*** Carry Away
The thief must move it from its original position.

* Abilities

** Mundane Abilities

+ Dream Analysis 0. Your dream analysis rarely helps.
+ Domestic Tasks -1. You're not good around the house.
+ Love for the Wicked 1. You believe even the worst deserve kindness.
+ Nightmare Larceny 4. You are a unique kind of thief and one of the greatest who ever lived.
+ Perserverance 2. You are good at not giving up.
+ Swimming -1. You can't swim.
** Miraculous Abilities

The Doctor's experience is nightmares. His curse is he swallowed a demon to taunt his rival and that demon is slowly replacing his blood with vitriol.

The Doctor can steal out /stuff/ from your nightmares. He usually just pulls out little magical thingamabobs representing bits of nightmare, but he can pull out your entire capacity for nightmares, making a weystone that allows him to command you, manifest nightmare-things in reality, or draw upon your traits.

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#+TITLE: Gemini
#+BEGIN_SRC artist
      | |        Gemini-  The Twins
      | |
    '     '

Gemini is a new, collaboratively designed internet protocol, which explores the space inbetween gopher and the web, striving to address (perceived) limitations of one while avoiding the (undeniable) pitfalls of the other.

* Bombadillo
 [[https://bombadillo.colorfield.space/][Bombadillo]] is a non-web browser, designed for a growing list of protocols operating outside of the web. 

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GNU Guix is a cross-platform package manager and a tool to instantiate and manage Unix-like operating systems, based on the Nix package manager with Guile Scheme APIs and specializes in providing exclusively free software. GNU Guix is the default package manager of the GNU Guix System GNU/Linux distribution. 

#+BEGIN_SRC artist 
..                             `.
 `--..```..`           `..```..--`
   .-:///-:::.       `-:::///:-.
      ````.:::`     `:::.````
           -//:`    -::-
            ://:   -::-
            `///- .:::`

* Channel Orange
[[https://git.sr.ht/~elais/orange][A gay ass guix channel]] to store all of my personal stuff. Licensed under [[https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html][GPLv3]] because its mine but it also belongs to the streets. Goals are to make it a [[https://github.com/hlissner/dotfiles][convoluted mess]] that the streets aspire to.
** TODO Housekeeping [1/2]

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* Index
[[./gemini.org][Gemini Protocol]]
[[./guix.org][GNU Guix]]

* About The Author
Elais is an unprofessional software developer, keyboard enthusiast, and chronic emacsturbator from Birmingham, Alabama now living with his wife, dog, and two cats in muggle hell.

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#+title: Nix

Nix is a cross-platform package manager that utilizes a purely functional deployment model where software is installed into unique directories generated through cryptographic hashes, it is also the name of the programming language.

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#+TITLE: Roleplaying

This is an archive of material for roleplaying ideas I've had and have been playing with.

* Characters
[[file:doctor.org][The Doctor]]