Program to roll dice. Python CLI + GTK3 GUI
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#simple dice roller project written with gtk and vala


  • dicevala: dice roller source code
  • dice: dice roller binary, built on Fedora 34, should work with any recent-ish Linux distro
  • dice.py: dice roller CLI written in python

#Build requirements:

  • vala compiler
  • c compiler
  • gtk3 development files


to install/uninstall locally:

PREFIX=~/.local make install

PREFIX=~/.local make uninstall

to install systemwide:

make install

make uninstall


Flatpak available at my signal flatpak repo site

After adding the remote, flatpak install com.elagost.Dice

It can be run from ui, or the dice-cli command can be run with flatpak run --command=dice-cli com.elagost.Dice

Arch/Fedora packages coming soon. Work on the pkgbuild/spec file is incomplete.