Update README with current status.
Add nathan!
Fix race condition between apache restart and status check

After a delete job is submitted the user is redirected to the status
page. For the undeploy script it runs fast enough that during the
moment the user is redirected the script may restart apache causing
errors for the visitor. This "resolves" that by adding a three second
sleep to deletion like in deploy.sh.
Don't require deployment to exist to see the status of a delete job

Deletion will remove the deployment..
Add option to undeploy webpages from the webpage
Space webpage tiles up/down by same amount
Do db update in callback for readFiile
Store deployment and user information in database
Dark theme!
Add ability to deploy webpages from ui
Stop undeploy script from removing all newlines from torrc
Add AGPL license and improve styling of webpage for mobile users.
Serve API authenticates all requests with internal API token

This means that some random user can't use their user token to
authenticate with the serve api like it was before smh my head.
Fix link in documentation
Docs about webpage deployment and add /status endpoint to serve
Automatically deploy serve and www on push
Send discord alerts on new webpage deploys.
www: add viewport meta tag to improve mobile rendering
Create serve api