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Add instructions for running without self hosting
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M server/src/states.js
@@ 19,6 19,17 @@ The reccomended setup is to run this software on your syslogs server
so that notifications will be sent for logins on all machines

## Using the install script

If you would just like to install a discord-notifier on a machine that
you run you can use the install script in
`/client/install.sh`. Running `sudo bash install.ssh` will prompt you
to open a discord url for authentication and then install the

Running as root is needed as the script needs to modify the rsyslog
configuration on your machine.

## Organization

- `/server` contains the source code for a server which is needed to

M server/src/states.js => server/src/states.js +1 -1
@@ 32,7 32,7 @@ module.exports = async (req, STATES) => {
					 client_id: clientId,
					 client_secret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET,
					 code: code,
					 redirect_uri: "",
					 redirect_uri: "https://discord.negativefour.com/codes",
					 grant_type: "authorization_code",