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Would you know if someone was logged into your AWS box right now?

Large companies spend thousands of dollars on monitoring systems to help them answer this question. This is the $5 DIY version of that for regular people.

Visibility from the comfort of your Discord server.

You might already have a server or be itching to make one for you and the Discord robots. Consider this a nice part of the family.

Messages come within seconds of the login.

Installation is easy.

Just run the install script on your machine and you'll be guided through the regular process for adding a Discord webhook.

You own your data.

The entire system runs on your machine and along with your purchase you'll get a copy of all the source code licensed under the GPL.

This means that when you purchase this you own it and are free to share it as you'd like under the provisions of the GPL. If you'd like to audit the technical details before your purchase feel free to read this writeup which outlines exactly how it works under the hood.


How will my software be delivered?

After placing your order your software and its source code will be delivered to the email that you specify in the payment form.

Why should I pay for this?

You might consider paying for this if you want to avoid technical configuration, found the writeup helpful above and want to say thanks, or are curious about how the installer works.