Some of my configuration files
Longitude and lattitude for M-x sunrise-sunset, variables set in init.el instead of custom-vars.el + some small WM-configs.
Changed the clock to long weekdays and 'Uke ' to 'U' before week number.
Turns out :ensure t is good. And some clock config.


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This repo contains some configuration files I use. The advantage of having them in a git repo is that it is easy to keep different machines using the same configs. I use GNU Stow to repopulate the configs from the repo to their original placement. There is little here to be inspired by, maybye possibly with a few exceptions from my Emacs init.el. In any case, you are free to do so under the license terms of the GPL3.


I license my code under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 so everyone can run it, read it, change it or redistribute it with their changes as they wish and so the code can never be relicensed as proprietary software. As a GNU/Linux user, I appreciate free software shared with me by others and want to share my own output in the same way in the hope that someone might find it useful.