A simple backend for a webbased cardgame
Corrected license in package.json
Wrote a missing line I only had a comment for and added a few semicolons.
Simplified README. Reading too many baroque first hand sources on musical performance practice has ruined me for brevity.


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This is a small, simple backend server for the card game bridge (in its simplest form). The main point of this project was to learn node.js, npm, typescript, express and some basics about HTTP requests. I made it as part of my course in programming during my remote IT studies at Høgskolen i Molde. It was my first backend server.

Before starting to write the code, after reading up and watching a few lectures on the technologies I was going to use, I found a website with some basic bridge rules and wrote down my understanding of the game logic and how I would implement it as HTTP Requests in the file src/README.org. During the coding, I commented my code heavily since this was to be read by someone to check my understanding.

I don't suppose anyone would use this for anything, but I thought I would share it with the world to show that I have a basic understanding of these technologies. If someone finds a use for it, even better.


I like the reciprocity of copyleft free software, and since this is a server, I thought the Affero GPL would be a suitable license. See the enclosed license file for the terms of the license.