A simple text-adventure game in python
Simplified the code and the README.
Change if score < 0 to <= 0 to avoid not having a case if the score was 0.
Removed superfluous almost synonym "open source software" to avoid wordiness.


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#General overview

I wrote a small text-adventure game in Python as part of my "introduction to programming" course during my IT studies. The task was somewhat open and only specified that I had to use for loops, functions and game data stored in dictionaries. I thought a "keep it simple"-approach with one dictionary of dictionaries (a thesaurus?), one function, and one for loop would be enough to make a game with different stages and choices with a score as the assignment required. The MountainHike.py is that original text-adventure.


I license my code under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 so everyone can run it, read it, change it or redistribute it with their changes as they wish and so the code can never be relicensed as proprietary software. As a GNU/Linux user, I appreciate free software shared with me by others and want to share my own output in the same way in the hope that someone might find it useful.