fixup remove subinits
nixos: remove genode.init.subinits

This option was never used.
Add global imports to Dhall files
Update Gui for genodeSources update
Patch vesa_drv for debugging
Update dhall-sigil for consume, produceReports
fixup terminal_log patch
fixup genodeSources update
Patch terminal_log to override log labels

When generating configuration with Dhall it is simpler to specify
a policy rather than rewrite a session label.
nixos/gui: terminal is now a Gui client
Update genodeSources to sculpt-21.03

Consolidate libc patch into sources patch.
Patch usb_host_drv (reorder after sources update)
fixup add services nixos module
overlay: do not override LLVM for non-Genode
nixos: support arbitrary child binaries

Allow child binaries to be ERIS URNs or otherwise arbitrary strings.
nixos: fixup device manager USB stuff
nixos: rewrite gui module
Add /nix/store bck to store image