Consistent licensing
Add .gitignore
Add new compiliation units from libretro-common
Build with link-time-optimization
Remove hardware rendering

Remove hardware rendering support until an EGL library is available
through Nix.
Check RETRO_API_VERSION at component construction
Dhall: represent variables as a map
Add missing Nitpicker To_front command

Not sending "To_front" works with "wm" but not the "nitpicker" server.
Dhall configuration draft
Use new external Tup rules
Track nitpicker view offset
Log hardware rendering initialization
Always allocate a framebuffer during update_mode
Common dir has moved
Fix keyboard polling for NXengine
Convert README to markdown, fix Tupfile
Remove a few global pointers
Initialize audio sessions only if core requests them

Do not construct Audio_out sessions if the core audio sample rate is set
to 0.0.