Nim implementation of the Preserves data language
initDictionary with capacity
Lossy conversion of symbols and booleans to JSON text
Add jsonText proc



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Nim implementation of the Preserves data language.

If you don't know why you need Preserves, see the Syndicate library.


To parse or produce Preserves one should write a schema and generate a Nim module using the preserves_schema_nim utility. This module will contain Nim types corresponding to schema definitions. The toPreserve andfromPreserve routines will convert Nim types to and from Preserves. The decodePreserves, parsePreserves, encode, and $ routines will convert Preserve objects to and from binary and textual encoding.

To debug the toPreserves and fromPreserves routines compile with -d:tracePreserves.


  • preserves-schema-nim
  • preserves-encode
  • preserves-decode
  • preserves-from-json
  • preserves-to-json
  • preserves-from-xml
  • preserves-to-xml


preserves_encode is a multi-call binary that implements preserves-encode, preserves-decode, preserves-from-json, and preserves-to-json, so the appropriate symlinks should be created during packaging.