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SPHINCS⁺ is a stateless hash-based signature scheme that has been submitted to the NIST post-quantum crypto project.

This library contains Nim implementations for the six SHAKE256 variants of SPHINCS⁺. Performance will be abysmal until the Keccak implementation is optimized.

Each signature scheme is implemented as a seperate module. Multiple scheme modules may be imported at once, the correct procedures will be deduced from the keypair type.

A procedure for supplying random bytes must be provided for key generation and non-deterministic signing. This allows the compiler to enforce the noSideEffect pragma for all exported procedures. This helps mitigate (or implement) side-channels.

import sphincs/shake256_128s
import sphincs/shake256_256f

proc genEntropy(p: pointer; size: int) =
  ## Don't try this at home.
  zeroMem(p, size)

  pair1 = shake256_128s.generateKeypair(genEntropy)
  pair2 = shake256_256f.generateKeypair(genEntropy)
  sig1 = pair1.sign("foo", genEntropy)
  sig2 = pair2.sign("bar", genEntropy)
  (valid1, msg1) = pair1.pk.verify(sig1)
  (valid2, msg2) = pair2.pk.verify(sig2)
assert(msg2 == "bar")

Tests are available via the nimble test task and a makefile is provided for recreating the test-vectors from the reference implementation.