7143d724 — Evan Tann 11 months ago master
add go1.15 workaround for broken google tls certs
remove unused make clean command
split make and make install
rename project from sf to sum
update readme
fix makefile, improve readme
add makefile to install
add missing flags to sf.1 man page
add sf.conf.5 man page
improve sf.1 formatting
add sf.1 man page
tidy dependencies
add pledge, unveil for openbsd
add openbsd-style license
remove grant code, fix lint issues
remove debug logs, fix tests
modify mysql priv tables directly

MySQL GRANT and REVOKE statements take effect quickly after executing
(but not immediately) without FLUSH PRIVILEGES. It's very dangerous to
use these statements as a result, since there's no guarantee they'll be
applied all at once.

To work around this, we modify the _priv tables directly in a
transaction then FLUSH PRIVILEGES manually. Note that this is not
compatible with MariaDB; although MariaDB has a user table, it's not a
real table, it's a view, and cannot be modified directly.
remove tls print statement
add line nums to errors, fix dupe users and seen bug
add any keyword, validate line exists in schema