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SRP stands for Simple Reverse Proxy. It does what it says on the tin, and not a
whole lot more.

**Warning: this is alpha quality software and not ready for production.**
It's been used in production to distribute traffic through a ~35 server
architecture for 2 years with 100% uptime. YMMV.

## Features

* Proxy requests from a host to one of many backend IPs/ports
* Redirection to and from hosts
* Automate HTTPS with TLS termination
* Load balance using a simple algorithm
* Redirect to and from hosts
* Check health automatically
* API to retrieve healthy services
* Live reloaded config file
* Retrieve healthy services with an internal API
* 0-downtime config file reloads

And nothing else.

@@ 76,7 77,7 @@ without re-configuring your servers or modifying DNS.
By default the API is disabled. When configured with `Subnet`, the API responds
to `/services` over the appropriate subnet with JSON resembling the following:

	"www.example.internal": {
		"HealthPath": "/health",