244f1127 — Evan Tann 7 months ago
add isc license
add go1.13 to go.mod
add HTTPClient interface
add remote addr to heartbeat log
use cleanhttp to fix keepalives file descriptor bug
fix deadlock, simplify service error handling
store host, role for logs
add host, role info to logs
fix data race
update github.com/pkg/errors to v0.8.1
fix lock contention bug
improve logs
remove database, keep state in memory
add client timeout

Expect a client to respond with 200 OK in less than 10 seconds, even if
the job may take much longer.
fix linter warning
add github.com/pkg/errors checksum to go.sum
fix context cancel bug
029e8141 — Evan Tann 2 years ago
remove log dependency from client
b80933e5 — Evan Tann 2 years ago
fix bugs