update module path
fix mysql 5.7 bug
fix mysql syntax for 5.7
fix readme spacing
add version flag
add content to migrations, tests
refuse to migrate empty sql files
remove md5 unique constraint

This commit removes the requirement that each migration be unique. In
the case of re-reverting a change (i.e. running the same migration
again), migrate would fail, even though this is fine behavior.
add tty to openbsd pledge
fix compile bug on non-openbsd operating systems
add pledge, unveil for openbsd
Merge pull request #1 from alrs/fix-unprintable-error

fix fmt.Printf
cmd/migrate: Fix unprintable error
fix mysql tls configuration
add db type check, cut back migrate public api
add support for postgres, sqlite
update dependencies
remove log import, fix nil err bug
output errors on stderr
7ae99a85 — Evan Tann 2 years ago
add dry run flag
31ad6280 — Evan Tann 2 years ago
fix cert ordering bug, remove go1.11.0 tls workaround