cbb0680d — Evan Tann 8 months ago master
fix readme output
8d6adc57 — Evan Tann 8 months ago
correct cli command in readme
049875ea — Evan Tann 8 months ago
update readme
77b81d00 — Evan Tann 8 months ago
support multiple providers, regions, and zones

This commit adds support for the new services.json format to allow for
multiple providers, regions, and zones.
fix net name in test services file
rename network to net in config files
fix readme example mbps
allow describing bandwidth, port requirements
change license from mit to isc
update binp module name
treat missing box name as error
add -max flag
update readme, machines no longer homogenous
add test to catch regression
fix binpacking algorithm to yield more correct results
improve json output for tooling
annotate code snippets for syntax highlighting
fix -min results, unstable output
remove -ips flag
fix module name