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Packaging status

This plugin aims to be usable inside Guix specific files, such as guix.scm or manifest.scm. There is some work in progress to extend the syntax highlighting and indentation rules already applied to scheme files to better match the Guix coding conventions.

This plugin makes use of the 'CompilerSet' function so that it is possible to run :make from inside vim to build the guix.scm file.

This plugin also supports using standard guix commands from inside of vim. This means you can type :Guix build hello and the hello package will be built for you.


Current defaults:

let g:guix_binary = "guix"
let g:guix_build_options = ""

If you want to build without grafts then add to your .vimrc or ~/.config/nvim/init.vim:

let g:guix_build_options = "--no-grafts"


This package is released under the same terms as Vim itself.

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