Add scribe.privacyredirect.com
Add scribe.r4fo.com
Add a bunch of well-known, LLM scrapers to robots.txt

Unknown if this will actually stop them, but at least I can show my intent. User agents sourced from https://darkvisitors.com/
add to changelog
add new instance
Update hash in nix package for new yarn.lock
Update deps in yarn.lock to support newer nodejs versions
Add command to build_static

Uploading the object file and linking it on the server wasn't working. So I'm now using a statically linked binary.

I followed the instructions here: https://crystal-lang.org/reference/1.10/guides/static_linking.html#linux
Version 2023-12-18
Update License to include https and package.json
Add Nix package and NixOS moodule

Add a Scribe Nix package and NixOS module to the flake that a user can
build and install.

Includes the following supporting changes:
- Adding a name and version to package.json to make Nix's mkYarnPackage
- Update laravel-mix to fix ERR_OSSL_EVP_UNSUPPORTED on newer nodejs
Remove outdated postgres check and dep from shell.nix
Fixed Dockerfile
Update Dockerfile to use multi-arch base image
Add Docker.arm64 file

Request from opnxng@tuta.io via the mailing list
Remove Esmail EL BoB instances

Due to their harmful terms of service:

Remove unused carbon shard which should fix build failures
Added m.opnxng.com
Change crystal version to 1.8.1