Add scribe.bus-hit.me instance
Ensure that scr/version is up-to-date when building

This is an experiment to see if it forces me to actually have updated
the version before I build. The idea is that I need to actually commit
the version which will make it more likely that all instances can pull
down the code and display the correct version if I've done it myself.

It uses `git show` to grab the committed contents of src/version then
checks to see if it matches today's date.
Add instructions for Lucky config variables

The most common is "How do I set my custom domain" (answer: APP_DOMAIN)
but this also requires setting LUCKY_ENV=production which requires
Use FAQ entry to explain custom domains
Add visible version

This is to be able to track which instances (including the main one)
have which fixes
Home page instructions for custom domains
Improve Redirector extension instructions

This specifies advanced options for configuring the Redirector
extension. If everything is let on (like images) things will break
(like images). It also improves the regular expression a bit to account
for the image CDN

Co-authored-by: Austin Huang <im@austinhuang.me>
d8d49139 — miklobit a month ago
update crystal version in Dockerfile
Upgrade Crystal to 1.2.1 and Lucky to 0.29.0
Add FAQ on how to use Scribe with custom domains

This is generic so as to not call out any specific website.
Add citizen4.eu instance
Update readme
Add instance docs
Add project goals to README
Support null image widths and heights
Support null text on paragraphs

I think this was an old feature on medium, but you can see examples of
null text on this post:

Add SECTION_CAPTION paragraph type

This doesn't seem to be rendered on medium.com. Here's a post that has
one, but the text is nowhere on the page:

This help articles hints that it might have been a feature at one point
that they don't allow anymore:
Point source link at sr.ht project page

Instead of the git page. That way it's easier to find the mailing lists
and whatnot.
Parsing Fix: Add H2 Paragraph type

The post id 34dead42a28 contained a new paragraph type: H2. Previously
the only known header types were H3 and H4. In this case, the paragraph
doesn't actually get rendered because it's the page title which is
removed from the page nodes (see commits 6baba803 and then fba87c10).
However, it somehow an author is able to get an H2 paragraph into the
page, it will display as an <h1> just as H3 displays as <h2> and H4
displays as <h3>.