761e4ef1 — PrivacyDev 2 months ago main
Add scribe.g4c3eya4clenolymqbpgwz3q3tawoxw56yhzk4vugqrl6dtu3ejvhjid.onion instance
Update to nodejs 16.18.0

It was pretty old, but also it wasn't installing correctly on an Apple
Silicon machine.
Version 2022-10-30
e1c70b9d — blankie 3 months ago
Fix viewing articles if the URL has a trailing slash
Updates to pre/code config

This ensures that code blocks look good at all screen sizes.
Avoid clipping gist code's content
Remove downloadable Redirector config
Replace Redirector extension with LibRedirect

Since Scribe launched, the Redirector extension config has needed
occasional attention. Using regular expressions to cover all edge cases
is difficult. After finding out that Scribe's current config can hang
websites, I decided that [LibRedirect] is likely a more robust
solution. It can rely on more than regular expressions, and is less
work to set up.

[LibRedirect]: https://libredirect.github.io/
Update tor instance
8240f407 — Arya Kiran 5 months ago
Add new instance sc.vern.cc

Signed-off-by: Arya Kiran <aryak@vern.cc>
Add new instance: scribe.rawbit.ninja
ef8ddb90 — PrivacyDev 5 months ago
Add scribe.privacydev.net instance
Add Tor instance
Add scribe.esmailelbob.xyz instance
Fix Redirector config escaped strings

When printing out the configuration JSON, the Redirector extension
expects regex escapes to be escaped, themselves. So `\` becomes `\\`.
However, Crystal treats these as escaped character also, and each `\`
must additionally be escaped, so a single slash becomes `\\\\`
Provide a configuration file for the Redirector extension

Instead of providing long detailed instructions for how to configure
the Redirector extension, this provides a single json file that users
can import. I started by making a single file stored in the
`public/assets` directory, but then realized this was a regression since
the instructions were customized to each domain. Instead I can use
Lucky's [data] response to dynamically build the JSON config.

Scroll long code blocks

This sets the width of code blocks to be the width of the page, and
adds a scrollbar for long blocks. Article `c146e768bb41` has some

I could have also wrapped the codeblocks, but as pointed out by
[~kaki87] this often reduces readability. Hence: scrollbars.

[~kaki87]: https://todo.sr.ht/~edwardloveall/Scribe/6#event-188395
Upgrade to Crystal 1.5.0
Upgrade to Lucky 0.30.1

Upgrading to 0.31.0 should be very easy. It's just running `shards
update` in the root of the project. That should be all.
Fix source code link

Capitalize the `S` in `Scribe`. I don't have record of this ever
needing to be capitalized before, but it clearly does not work.