9fcf37f416d07bab50799b5f8b79d6cf8a3b1b44 — Amolith a month ago 0d9170b
Use app_domain in Redirector example

In the current redirector example, "scribe.rip" is hardcoded as the
destination. This patch simply changes that to use the app_domain
environment variable, so people wanting to use a community instance
aren't mistakenly redirected to the main scribe.rip instance.
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M src/pages/home/index_page.cr
M src/pages/home/index_page.cr => src/pages/home/index_page.cr +3 -1
@@ 57,7 57,9 @@ class Home::IndexPage < MainLayout
          li do
            strong "Redirect to: "
            code "https://scribe.rip/$1"
            code "https://"
            code app_domain
            code "/$1"
          li do
            strong "Pattern type: "