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title: "St. Faith's School Song: my recollections"
date: 2023-01-28

Of all my recollections from my time at St. Faith's school, Cambridge, one that sticks with me most strongly is the school song.
The song was written by a member of staff[^1], and was learned by each of the pupils to mark certain occasions such as Speech Day.
It's a remarkable statement of faith, which runs counter to what Western secular culture often teaches about Christianity.

The lyrics strongly reflect the Christian ethos of the school: that God calls us to shed His radiance far, finding our strength to endure times of darkness by trusting in Him.
Christians aren't called to somehow attain holiness by mustering up effort; it's God's radiance that we reflect.
But we're not promised that life will be easy; only that we will be given the strength by Him for each day.
Yet we will know the most important thing - Christ's presence among us, beaming through the darkening light of life like a glorious star, and giving us a path to humbly follow.

This song represents a truer Christianity than is presented by our culture, and a realistic picture of how life is to be lived; as a gift, with God-given purpose, and with humility.

I especially like the opening line of the chorus:

> Be valiant still, trust in His will. This is our faith.

I've transcribed the tune from memory, with the lyrics from a card I was given while still at the school. The <a href="/assets/blog/st_faiths_school_song/st_faiths_school_song.pdf">sheet music is linked here</a>.

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[^1]: Mr. Pugh, if I recall correctly.

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