Add meta description tag

Contents still blocked on an implementation of get_description
Misc a11y fixes
Put publishing time in index.md

Also fix sorting order of posts.
Implement get_date
move navbar size style to the css, where it belongs
fix indentation in the html template
Add feed.xml

Still TODO are the implementations of get_date and get_description.
Refactor title extraction
OpenWRT: add update
Restyle navbar, <pre>, and <a:hover>
Update README.md, add nginx config
Minor aesthetic improvements
Makefile: simplify
posts/*: update

Remove `vim: ft=...` and change name of OpenBSD article.
Initial pass on standard page layout

Initial groundwork on this patch was done by Evan Johnston
README: point to my fork of wersh
Makefile: force removal of _site
Add _config.sh, set default preprocessor
Move input/ to .
Initial commit

Includes framework as well as two articles I've had lying around for a