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the bike also has an integrated steering lock, which seems neat. the previous owner didn't have a key, but i might try to reverse engineer one (if you know how locks work and have thoughts on how to do this, lemme know!). i'm not sure i'd necessarily trust it on its own, but it still seems like a neat thing to try to make work. i might also try to see if i can make it lock the front wheel as well, and maybe somehow integrate it with a chain. i currently have a u-lock clipped onto the seatpost, but it makes mounting and dismounting more annoying since i have a step-through frame - it'd be nice to replace it with a lock that's easier to carry around. alternatively, if you have suggestions for how to mount a u-lock on a 1970 rudge sports with a 19.5in ladies frame, lemme know :3

update 2024-01-25: found a better position for the u-lock, with the clip on the seatpost facing out and the lock folded as far back as it can go. it's not ideal, but it's good enough. the right way to get a key requires taking apart a bunch of the front fork, there's a number etched on the lock which can be given to a locksmith in order to get a key cut

update 2024-05-27: i just got a frame lock. much easier than trying to make the steering lock work, and with the integrated chain lock alongside the theft-repellent of being a beat-up-looking rusty old bike, secure enough to be my only lock