Hare grammar for tree-sitter
2495958a — Philipp Wolfer 1 year, 4 months ago
Updated definitions for match-expression and switch-expression
9e844dc1 — Philipp Wolfer 1 year, 4 months ago
Support "yield" control statement
add readme


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Hare grammar for the popular incremental parser generator tree-sitter.

status: the majority of sources in examples (Hare stdlib) is recognized fine - sources containing \\ in strings fail, due to them getting parsed as comments as a consequence to tree-sitter precedence rules.

For a list of features offered by tree-sitter refer to their site. Summarily, one of the main features is context-aware highlight (e.g. local variables are highlighted differently than function parameters).

This grammar can be used in a number of editors and different situations (github uses it, for example) - at this stage it must be inserted manually into your editor. See, for example, nvim-treesitter.