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It's like Jupyter, but lighter, faster, hotter, and sexier. Integrates any language with a REPL along with LaTeX into one markdown document. Currently python, shell, haskell, and R REPLs are supported, but arbitrary REPLs can be added.



Use your favourite plugin manager. For example with Vundle.vim:

Plugin 'https://git.sr.ht/~ecc/vim-venus'

If you end up using it frequently, please subscribe to the announcement mailing list by pinging ~ecc/vim-venus-announce+subscribe@lists.sr.ht, as there might be some breaking changes down the line.


  • An installation of pandoc with xelatex (e.g. pandoc and texlive-most on Arch Linux

  • The REPLs you want to use (of course)

  • Linux (this may work on other operating systems, and I will review PRs aimed at them, but I do not intend to actively maintain them)



Venus allows you to run code blocks from markdown into an output block. It is enabled on all markdown files by default. Existing blocks generated by Venus will be replaced.

Here is an example:

putStrLn "Hello world!"

will become

putStrLn "Hello world!"
Hello world!

Any errors which occur will also be put into the output block like so:

print("Hi world")
6 = 0
Hi world
File "<stdin>", line 1
	6 = 0
SyntaxError: cannot assign to literal

Venus also provides a simple variable explorer for python, which shows variable names and their value in the quickfix list. This can be extended to other languages.

By default vimtex is also started in markdown files (if it is installed). This can be disabled, see doc/venus.txt


A number of mappings are enabled by default (they can be disabled). For a full list see doc/venus.txt or :help venus-maps.


See doc/venus.txt or :help venus-options.

#Known Issues

See doc/venus.txt or :help venus-known-issues.


This repository uses an extract from vim-pandoc-syntax to achieve inline latex syntax highlighting. See syntax/venus.vim for details