Renders an image as a prime number
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#Pixel Prime

Attempts to turn a photo into a prime number that looks a lot like the photo

#Getting Started


  • .NET compiler
  • Python 3 Interpreter


With dotnet

dotnet build


Put a .pgm image in the base directory

#From a console:

Run pgmToNumber.py

python3 pgmToNumber.py

Run the main program

dotnet run

Eventually (you may need to leave it running for a while) you will see Possible prime found in stdout. At this point (or after more possible primes are found), terminate the program and run the formatter

python3 format.py

Now there will be possible primes, formatted, in output.txt

Note that these are possible primes. While it is very likely that they are prime, more tests are required to know deterministically.


See the Primes folder for examples of primes that have been found with this program


Thanks to Jack Hodkinson at the University of Cambridge for the idea- from his blog post about the "Corpus Christi Prime" - https://friendlyfieldsandopenmaps.com/2017/09/08/the-corpus-christi-prime/


This project is licensed under the BSD 2-clause License - see the LICENSE.md file for details