Modified ErgoDash keyboard with rotary encoder
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Lightly update after finished build
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#Changes from original ErgoDash

  • Added rotary encoder (scroll wheel) in place of the ErgoDash's optional outer thumb buttons
  • Removed speaker to make pin available for rotary encoder
  • Replaced firmware backlight control with physical toggle switch to make pin available for rotary encoder
  • Replaced some parts with ones easier to obtain in the UK
  • Added jumper pin positions for backlight switch and spare keyboard switch to allow adding functionality later


Parts List


The ErgoDash-R uses QMK for its firmware. It will need updating from the original ErgoDash firmware here: QMK - ErgoDash directory. I have a working configuration myself, and will get around to publishing it eventually.

#Build Guide

The build is very similar to the original ErgoDash, but there are a few gotchas. I need to get around to writing these up.

ErgoDash Build Guide