Code to generate heatmap of things from OpenStreetMap


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Making maps showing the distribution of data in OSM


make build-deps

Rust is required.


What percentage of all cuisines are for Fish & Chips in Ireland & Britain

make data-ireland-and-britain
make percent steps=0,5,65,10,12.5,15,20 cols=white_red key=cuisine value=fish_and_chips

White means less, red is more. There is a large hole in London, because it's a large city, so there is a greater choice of restaurants and take-aways, so as a percentage fish & chips shops are lower.

Sports in Ireland & Britain in OSM shows


Often it will print out the filename that was generated. The file last.png will be symlinked to that.


Needs key & value parameters. Displays what percentage of items with that key have that value.


Needs key parameter. Heatmap of the distribution of key.


Needs key & value parameters. Heatmap of the distribution of key=value tag.

#Common options


The Spatial Reference System to use. it's units are used for the radius.


When generating the heatmap, use the value as the resolution of the image. Units of the SRS.


The radius of the heatmap, in units of the SRS

#Colours of the map

gdaldem color-relief is used to generate a coloured GeoTIFF file. the cols parameter is a _ separated list of colours to generate the ramp from, using pastel's HSL colour ramp. steps is a , separate list of 'steps' in the colour ramp. Either raw values, or %'s can be used. % means gdal uses that percentage of the maximum value in the data. With colour_mode=exact (the default) all input data from that value up to the next value are set to that colour value. With another colour_mode value, the regular gdal colour smoothing & interpolation is done.

Default is cols=white_red steps=0%,25%,50%,75%. Set it with make cols-white_blue/make steps=0,100,1000 (or use the cols=/steps= Make variable)

The generate_colour_ramp.py script creates a gdal colour ramp file with a name like colour_ramp_exact_white_red_0%,10%.txt


Comma separated list of step values. You probably want 0 (or 0%) as the first entry.


The colour ramp is build from these value. Use _ to separate values. white_blue means “go from white to blue”. white_blue_red: “From white to blue to red”. white_502917: “From white to #502917”.

Colour ramps are generated with pastel.


#cols=white_red steps=0%,10%,90%

white (i.e. #ffffff) is set at the 0% value, red (#ff0000) for 90%, and values at 10% are coloured with half way between them according to pastel (#ff9e81).


#Interactively viewing images

On Ubuntu Linux, the image viewer geeqie will reload a file when it changes. I open it, and display the last.png file, and iteratively modify the steps value and can see those changes quickly.

#What are the values in a heatmap?

For the steps value, you can use percentages, or raw values. gdalinfo -stats (e.g. gdalinfo -stats heatmap_kv_sport__golf_srs2157_res1000_radius50000_bboxALL_imagebbox386592,235671,1311592,1585671.tiff) gives an overview of the values in the heatmap:

Band 1 Block=925x2 Type=Float32, ColorInterp=Gray
  Min=0.000 Max=1019.677 
  Minimum=0.000, Maximum=1019.677, Mean=24.859, StdDev=75.753

Here the values of each pixel go from 0 to 1019.

Copyright 2020, Affero GNU General Public Licence v3 or later. Maps produced will be a Produced Work of OpenStreetMap, and hence require attribution.