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#Simple Ⅹ✕Ⅹ Mobile Icons: A ten-by-ten icon font especially for mobile devices.

This project is an attempt to replace Nerd Fonts in SXMO and make the icons work better on different devices.

See https://todo.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-tickets/426#event-134061 for more context and rationale.

Each icon is created by a text file, to ease contribution and consistency. Each character represents a different vector shape to be filled in that block.

A rendering of some of the icons

#Tasks that still need to be completed

  • Create all of the icons that we use (see sxmo_hook_icons.sh and sxmo_hook_statusbar.sh).
  • Reduce amount of layers created in font (for efficiency and to fix a rendering error).
  • Render the font in the statusbar
  • Render the font in the menu


  • txt2sfn
    • txt2asc parses the text format and creates a scalable-font2 asc file.
    • "subglyphs.h" defines all the vector shapes represented by different ascii characters.
  • scalable-font2
    • sfnedit can be used to preview the font.
    • sfnconv is needed to convert the asc file into sfn.
    • sfn file can be rendered by functions in "ssfn.h".