Turn swipes into words -- "plugin" for wvkbd to enable swipe-typing under wayland SXMO.
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swipeGuess is a completion program intended to be used as a plugin for touchscreen-keyboards on mobile devices.

For each line input from stdin, it looks through a wordlist and outputs the first possible match for that gesture.

it's run like input-program | swipeGuess wordlist.txt | output-program

swipeGuess also provides options for returning multiple results and ignoring certain characters. See the man page for more information.


The input program should output a stream of letters "swiped through", then a newline.

This is supported by wvkbd since version 0.6.


This should be a list of words, sorted by preferability of choice.

Good starting points can be found on the web, based on your language.

#Example English Word Lists

#sorting tips

The most basic sorting technique would put longest words first, otherwise, it may be impossible to type them.

# Good autocompletion for terminal
ls $PATH | awk '{ print length, $0 }' | sort -nr | cut -d" " -f2- > binsSorted.txt

Smarter sorting would be keyboard-layout aware. mapScore can do that for you

./mapScore map.tsv <words.txt | sort -nr | cut -f2 > wordsSorted.txt

map.tsv uses tabs and newlines to create the grid-based layout. See map.qwerty.noapos.tsv for a sample of how to format this file.

If your keys are in a hexagonal layout, use mapScore like ./mapScore map.simple.tsv bee.

(mapScore.py was the old version of this, and probably should be removed, being slower and with less features.).


  • completelyTypeWord.sh (included in this repository) will type the characters (besides the first character, which is already typed by wvkbd) using wtype.

#Installation/Usage with wvkbd

  1. Be using a wayland-based graphical shell (such as sway), and have wtype installed.
  2. Compile with your favorite C compiler: gcc swipeGuess.c -o swipeGuess.
  3. copy swipeGuess and completelyTypeWord.sh into your $PATH (~/.local/bin/ or /usr/local/bin/ for example)
  4. wvkbd-mobintl -O | swipeGuess /path/to/words.txt | completelyTypeWord.sh
    • In SXMO, KEYBOARD_ARGS='-O | swipeGuess /path/to/words.txt | completelyTypeWord.sh' can be added to your ~/.profile to enable this (effective on restart).

#Extended information

SwipeBehaviors is a project that uses swipeGuess and provides more advanced functionality, like presenting several choices that can be picked with suggpicker.