shell script plugin for wvkbd to enable swipe-typing in swmo
license: AGPLv3
readme: start describe using directory.
makeDir: actually mkdir if not exists


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swipeGuess is a completion program intended to be used as a plugin for touchscreen-keyboards on mobile devices.

For each line input from stdin, it looks through a wordlist and outputs the first possible match for that gesture.

it's run like input-program | swipeGuess.sh wordlist | output-program


more on this later...


This should be a list of words, sorted by preferability of choice.

Note: you probably want longest words first, otherewise, it may be impossible to type them.

# Good autocompletion for terminal
ls $PATH | awk '{ print length, $0 }' | sort -nr | cut -d" " -f2- > binsSorted.txt

Alternatively, for performance, you can use a directory with the following format: each file is named with the first and last letters of the contained words. The script makeDir.sh is provided to help create these.


  • completelyTypeWord.sh (included in this repository) will type the characters (besides the first character) using wtype.