event loop: exit if the wayland socket disappears

(prevents infinite loop when your compositor crashes)
release: bump to 0.1.3
Fix crash on --hidden
Fix toggling hide/show by copying wvkbd's example event loop
Regression fix: keyboard didn't re-show on SIGUSR2 anymore

When triggering show() on kill USR2, everything works as expected, but
the keyboard attributes are the same as before. So in
layer_surface_configure, we don't match the condition.

Checking hidden, and resetting it from inside this scope is enough to
solve the problem.
hide/show/toggle: fix a few crashes (still broken)
8e6949d8 — Brandon Doornbos 2 years ago
Add documentation for using the real-time signal
9ffa0cf8 — Brandon Doornbos 2 years ago
main.c: add a real-time signal for toggling visibility of the keyboard

Previously it was only possible to either show or hide the keyboard.
When you want to control the keyboard with a single button in, i.e.
a window manager, this requires a separate script to keep track of
state. This solves this by only needing one signal to toggle.

Since there are only 2 USR signals, I had to use real-time signals,
which are in the [POSIX
standard](https://standards.ieee.org/standard/1003_1b-1993.html) and
available in the [Linux kernel since
main: prevent crash on sigpipe

This is commonly caused by a bad program in the output chain, e.g.

suggpicker | false
release: minor version bump
gitignore: add compiled man page
Use output dimensions to detect landscape mode

Based off of a commit in wvkbd

Most displays are in landscape mode by default, so checking to see if
it's rotated will produce the exact opposite of the expected results.
only commit surface when it changed

This is based off of a commit in wvkbd

Previously wvkbd (and suggpicker) would commit a (usually unchanged) surface at the framerate of the compositor,
this only commits the buffer when we render something new.
release: minor version bump
keyboard: Progressively allocate remainder pixels

So the keyboard always fills the width of the screen,
and the width is distributed evenly
Documentation: Add man page
dependencies: Don't link with xkbcommon
release: bump version
main: Remove unused variables
layer surface configure: Don't resize unless it needs to be resized