release: minor version bump
gitignore: add compiled man page
Use output dimensions to detect landscape mode

Based off of a commit in wvkbd

Most displays are in landscape mode by default, so checking to see if
it's rotated will produce the exact opposite of the expected results.
only commit surface when it changed

This is based off of a commit in wvkbd

Previously wvkbd (and suggpicker) would commit a (usually unchanged) surface at the framerate of the compositor,
this only commits the buffer when we render something new.
release: minor version bump
keyboard: Progressively allocate remainder pixels

So the keyboard always fills the width of the screen,
and the width is distributed evenly
Documentation: Add man page
dependencies: Don't link with xkbcommon
release: bump version
main: Remove unused variables
layer surface configure: Don't resize unless it needs to be resized
os-compatibility: Remove unused file
suggpicker: Allow changing mind about which one you want to pick
main: refactor show
release: basic working prototype
input: redraw after layout change
kbd: don't send time
input: fix obvious memory leak
suggestion: take from stdin
Project: Rename from wvkbd