volume: add perentages above 100%
icons: add earpiece_volume_0-100%
battery: Update icon to newer version of ionicons

This has better visibility for the charging status
(at the expense of loss of distinguishing between 40-60% when charging).

When around half battery, it's better to know if the charging cord is working than to have more precision.
(previously, charging state was difficult to discern when the battery was at 50%)
icons: Add sim_missing and sim_error
icons: add phone_* icons

Based on ionicons v4 ios-phone-portrait,
but with the 'home button' removed.

The name of the SVG is based on which ionicons v4 icon it is based on,
sometimes they have been modified for better visibility.

Registered "R" is original work
icons: add cellular_bar_{1..4}

aka cellular_signal_1-100

derived from ionicons v5 "cellular"

First, I rescaled the svg to 1000x1000, then I imported it into fontforge.
README: Document usage of donor font
statusbar: Resize font to match Donor Font
fontconfig: Create script to generate font configuration
Scripts: Enable patching out invisible glyphs with another font

This is useful for mixing icons with text
without changing fonts midway through.

Only the blank glyphs are removed, so the rest need to be referenced from the donor font directly.

    font="DonorFont-statusbar, DonorFont"
in your application is an easy way to configure it.

Or that could be handled by fontconfig as an alias (see `man fonts.conf`)
Update README.md

- remove i3status sample which was apparently never there
- clean up icon tables
- add builds.sr.ht badge
Add media icons
Add wireless, mail, misc icons
Add notification, moon, infinite icons
Add sourcehut build manifest
Add Makefile, build.pe
Icons: add sources for wifi, battery
battery: add ligature aliases for percental values