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@@ 17,6 17,28 @@ All icon variants have their own glyph in a Unicode Private Use Area.
To make them easy to use and not require input of 'weird' unicode symbols ligatures are utilised.
Select the font to render the whole ligature phrase. See [Glyph overview](#glyph-overview)

## Usage with a Donor Font

Because of using ligatures, the base font file includes many empty characters. To replace the empty characters with those from another font, the script `patchicons.pe` can be used.

./patchicons.pe statusbar.sfd DonorFont.ttf
cp DonorFont-statusbar.otf ~/.local/share/fonts/

use `DonorFont-statusbar, DonorFont` to refer to the combined font.

For convenience of reference, and for distribution maintainers packaging multiple combined fonts, the script `genFontconfig.sh` can make a fontconfig file to standardize the naming and set a preferred font.

./genFontconfig.sh 'Cousine' 'DonorFont' > 41-statusbar.conf
cp 41-statusbar.conf ~/.config/fontconfig/conf.d/

Then you can refer to the combined font in a more generic way, and it will behave as expected (provided the source font had correct metadata).
* `statusbar`
* `DonorFont-statusbar`
* `Cousine-statusbar Italic`

# Glyph overview