Laravel: update to laravel 10
Playlist: add m3u files
Laravel: Upgrade to 9.x
Song: Make it possible to sort by verse
Song: Fix searching for "Psalms" => "Psalm"
searchVerse: Use the parser to validate the references
gemini: add link to search by chapter
search verse: Fix failure
chord showing: better support for special sharp/flat unicode chars
Transposition: Support special ♯ and ♭ symbols
playlist gemini: Fix adding to playlist
validation: use bible passage parser to validate verse references
form validation: Validate key for songs
index: Add music icon if it has an audio file
composer.lock: install in PHP 8.0
laravel: Update to 8.x
Songs: Allow m4a files as audio files
verse searching: Slightly improve
gemini: Add feature to search by bible verse