Documentation for [MusicDir](http://musicdir.zachdecook.com)
deploying: Pull repo and install dependencies as needed
Docs: Add deploying script
license: Use CC-BY-SA 4.0


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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Welcome to MusicDir!

A smiling halo'd individual distributing CDs

MusicDir is a music distribution service for Alpine Linux users.

#Quick Start

doas wget -P /etc/apk/keys/ https://zachdecook.com/zachdecook@librem.one-777.rsa.pub
echo "http://musicdir.zachdecook.com/pkgs/artists" | doas tee -a /etc/apk/repositories
doas apk update
doas apk add musicdir-shapingthesilence

#"What did I just do, and is it okay?"

  1. You added Zach DeCook's public build key as a trusted key for apk purposes.
  2. You added the package repository to your apk repositories
  3. You updated the package list.
  4. You installed some music into /usr/share/music/ (and subscribed yourself to all future public releases from a pretty neat artist).

Should you trust Zach (aka "earboxer", occasional SXMO contributor) to deliver you packages? I guess I'll leave that up to you.

The public key is served over HTTPS-only, and that is used to verify the packages (which are downloaded over HTTP). Subscribe to the musicdir-announce mailing list for potential security alerts (e.g. if my private key gets stolen, I'll have to send out a new public key).

All of the music included here is used available under some license which allows sharing, such as a Creative Commons license. Some music includes other requirements, or may be under a "non-commercial" license. Please read and understand all licenses if you plan to use the music outside of personal capacity.

If you're an artist looking to release your music under an open license, consider avoiding a 'non-commercial' clause.

#Is this moral?

If you're an artist whose music is listed here, and you want it de-listed for any reason, reach out to the mailing list.

Consumers: Financially support the artists whose work you enjoy. (If you like, you can let them know MusicDir sent you).

All music in the repository adheres to a strict content policy against blasphemy/profanity.

#Alternate Usage

If you don't presently have Alpine Linux on any of your devices, there are some alternate methods you could try out

  • Use an Alpine chroot (with apk installed and /etc/resolv.conf set up).
  • Use a popular containerization system (might be bloated as a whale though).
  • Download the apk files from the repository and extract them using tar -xzf.
  • Clone the mdaports repo and build with APKBUILD=file.APKBUILD abuild.