Terminal-based Gemini client: port of ~jameschip/jemini to POSIX sh
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Jemini-sh is an attempt at implementing a gemini client in POSIX shell with minimal features and dependencies. Originally forked from a fish-shell client.

=> https://git.sr.ht/~jameschip/jemini Jemini-sh's fishy father


  • sed
  • ncat


  • Interactively handle input (statuses 10, 11)
  • Interactively handle redirection (status 3x)
  • Interactively create and use client certs (status 60)
  • Save files based on mime type

#The scripts

The client is made up of several shell scripts, each having its own purpose.


This script is responsible for performing a request to a gemini server. The full response is written to stdout.

./jemini_request.sh gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/~jameschip/food/cgtchut.gmi


Parses text/gemini from stdin into a colourful output.

gmni 'gemini://gus.guru/search?posix' | ./jemini_parse.sh