hyprland: update config
Alacritty: migrate config to TOML
Fix fish bash aliases
profile: changes since switching compositors
Hyprland and waybar: add basic configs
emojis: switch back to wtype (because it's in the repos)
sway: update wob config for styles
wob: Customize colors
mfi.py and wob
micro syntax: add hare
sway: Bind gestures for switching workspace and tab
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~earboxer/dotfiles
sxmo: Update icons (add calendar, remove deprecated btd)
bash_aliases: add mdman
micro: add manipulator plugin
micro bindings: Mostly just sort them
unicode: Specify busybox awk
aerc quoted reply: fix template
i3status: Use font-statusbar icons