gcc.sh: Cache the hymn pages

Some crawlers hit them a lot... this should make it a lot faster
Plan: add plan data and change directory
GCC script: redirect or provide links
plans: drop OEB
BSB and webp are more faithful
biblestudy: add hboWLC
tcgnt: fix problems
bible: add tcgnt
biblestudy: add bsb
biblestudy: show strongs numbers in webp
biblestudy.py: new script!
Site-parsing scripts: Update to use wget
Bibles: add bsb script
update some stuff
horner: Fix some book typos
lsb: Add Legacy Standard Bible script

(parses their HTML, which is okay, and loads fast)
net.sh: Use wget instead of curl
lsv: Add newline after each verse
horner: Fix mispelled Philippians
horner: Fix issues on alpine