tests: Add example values from spec
Is: Fix implementation

(With better testing for I8, I16, and I64)
Int: Fix implementation

Previously, these were encoded (and decoded) incorrectly.
UInt: Make encoding more efficient

(and compliant with upcoming standards)
* Example: Add time
* License: Use AGPLv3
* Struct: Add more features
* Data: Test constructor for primitive
* Readme: Add documentation, fix fromMess for U's and I's
* Primitives: Make Nothing class which is a void
* Primitives: Make Boolean class which is a bool
* Primitives: Make Str class which is a string
* Primitives: Add Integer type
* Strings: Support strings longer than 127 characters
* Primitives: Add example enum
* Primitives: Add UInt
* Primitives: Construct and support bool
* Primitives: Construct and test String type
* U8, U16, U32, U64 Constructor: Pass $mess by reference
* I8, I16, I32, I64: Implement mess