scripts: Fix posix compliance for sb_picker and some shellcheck sniffs
predictor: make strictly posix compliant
predictor: hide missing file error
Documentation: Add man pages in scdoc format
rename behavior scripts for consistency
predictor: use wl-ime-type instead of wtype

for performance
predictor: fix permissions of keylogger
readme: Update for information about newer wvkbd fixes
predictor: more generic space-splitting

support else"where in" case
predictor: more consistent compound behavior
predictor: backspace lastword
predictor: fix multiple compound words
predictor: replace bottleneck with c program
predictor: fix wtype for words starting with '-'
predictor: experimental compound word completion
predictor: delete lastword on backspace
predictor: remove empty suggestion
predictor: initial somewhat working draft
readme: Add related projects
swipeBehaviors: cull unlikely choices with keyboard map