Programs to chain off of a swipe-outputting virtual keyboard.
scripts: Fix posix compliance for sb_picker and some shellcheck sniffs
predictor: make strictly posix compliant
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SwipeBehaviors is a collection of programs intended to be used in a pipeline to interpret swipes from a virtual keyboard. Programs should not require arguments, and may rely on other programs or files.

wvkbd is one such keyboard, implementing swipe output with the -O flag.

In SXMO, intended usage is by defining KEYBOARD_ARGS="-H 170 -O | swipeB", then copying or sym-linking your favorite behavior to ~/.local/bin/swipeB. Then you can easily switch behavior by changing the link and relaunching the keyboard. WARNING: With wvkbd before version v0.8, using a broken script can render your virtual keyboard broken. Make sure you have a way of recovery (e.g. SSH or ttyescape) before messing with scripts so you don't end up in a keyboard death-loop.

  • wvkbd: Virtual keyboard with swipe output mode.
  • swipeGuess: Quickly query a swipe against a lexicon to get a number of possible words. (Plus some helper scripts for sorting/scoring.)
  • suggpicker: Simple suggestion picker based on wvkbd that operates like a pipe.
  • zig-input-method: Suggestion picker written in zig and manager for correction and prediction.
  • clickclack: Haptic/audio feedback tool which may be chained before swipeB with the flags -e -o.