Flag as deprecated
Add a catogory to Cargo.toml
Update README screenshot
Bump version
Copy change
Include warning regarding setting varialbes on the wrong nodes
Fixed the variable cascade in the stack component

Turns out the use of custom variables works out after all. You just
need to be careful if you are using those variables in rulesets for
child selectors
Revert variable suffixing
Indicate that this is still incomplete in the README
Implement a futile attempt to scope css rulesets

Futile because i somehow forgot that clases cascade.
Modify SnippetCollector to store owned strings
Modify layout components to set CSS class
Rely on CSS classes for layout components

Custom element tags seem to have lower CSS specificity
than regular tags which causes problems
Bump version
Add README example
Refactor Node implementation

* Node is no longer and enum, but a struct.
* The Fragment type is gone. The list of child nodes is stored
directly on the parent node. Functions that need to accept multiple
nodes indicate so by their signature. This unlocks the
ability to specify that a method only accepts one node, which wasn't
possible before since you could convert a list of nodes into one.
Add css_reset component & Modify Node impls
Bump version
Make more types implement Into<Node>