Update repository link to point to git repo instead of sourchut project
Bump version
Delete cli example

Masks are now statically dispatched. They can't be built dynamically
based on user input because the compiler needs to know the concrete
mask type at compile-time.
Flatten the match statement for the `index` mask function
Improve performance by using static dispatch and avoiding peeking
Inline scan::next_unescaped() into the string tokenizer
Add a runnable example I can use to profile

I needed an equivalent example to the newly added bench
in the previous commit
Modify benches to measure throughput of extracting json
Add newline-delimited json test file
Simplify structure test helper

The logic was a bit convoluted. It should read better now
Flatten the hierarchy of JsonStructure states
Rewrite JSON validation logic

* Mathing the tuple (current_state, next_token) is more concise
* The seperation of state transition from effect avoids a lot of duplicate code
New version
with_concatenated_json() -> with_format()
clean up dependencies: lexical no longer needs format feature
Implement common derives & Seal FromJson trait
Add ndjson to list of keywords
Update repository link
Bump version
Update main documentation example