Eltanin system programming library
Remove sys/port
Fix unintialized pointer
Fix fcntl syscall



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Tertium is a general-purpose library for C that aims to provide a simple and secure environment that produces more reliable software.


  • adt: abstract data types
  • arr: generic static array
  • cal: calendar dates
  • cdb: constant database
  • dir: directory recursion
  • dyn: generic dynamic array
  • err: formatted error messages
  • exc: external binaries execution
  • fmt: user-defined formattation
  • gen: pattern matching
  • hsh: checksum and cryptographic hashes
  • ioq: buffered i/o
  • mem: operations on memory
  • rand: random data, numbers and strings
  • std: general routines
  • str: operations on C string
  • sys: system interaction
  • tai: tai time
  • taia: atto-second precision tai time
  • uint: portable unsigned integer storage


Part of the API and code is inspired/copied from the public domain libraries written by Daniel J. Bernstein https://cr.yp.to/

The hsh cryptographic routines use code from the public domain library tomcrypt https://www.libtom.net/LibTomCrypt/