Ansible role to setup the PHP-based PrivateBin
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Ansible role to setup the PHP-based PrivateBin


Those are the minimal requirements for PrivateBin (as of Version 1.3.4):

  • PHP version 5.5 or above

  • one of the following sources of cryptographically safe randomness is required:

    • PHP 7 or higher
    • Libsodium and it's PHP extension
    • open_basedir access to /dev/urandom
    • mcrypt extension
    • com_dotnet extension

    Mcrypt needs to be able to access /dev/urandom. This means if open_basedir is set, it must include this file.

  • GD extension

  • some disk space or (optionally) a database supported by PDO

  • ability to create files and folders in the installation directory and the PATH defined in index.php

  • A web browser with javascript support

Taken from the PrivateBin wiki, mostly written by elrido.

You systems also needs to have git installed for cloning the role.

#Role Variables

Variable Description Default
pbin_path Location of the PrivateBin source files "/var/www/privatebin"
pbin_user User to be the owner of the PrivateBin files "{{ ansible_facts['user_id'] }}" (user executing the tasks on the remote machine)
pbin_group Group to be the owner of the PrivateBin files "{{ pbin_use }}"
pbin_git_repo Git repository to clone "https://github.com/PrivateBin/PrivateBin.git"
pbin_git_version Git version (e.g. branch name or tag) to clone "1.3.4" (latest as of writing this role)
pbin_model_class Filesystem or Database, where to store pastes "Filesystem"
pbin_datadir Folder to store pastes in, applicable when Filesystem "data"
pbin_pdo_dsn DSN string to use for Database connection (see https://www.php.net/manual/en/pdo.drivers.php for reference) "" (empty)
pbin_pdo_table Table prefix in MySQL / PsQL / SQLite3 / ... "privatebin_"
pbin_pdo_user Username for authenticating against the database "" (empty)
pbin_name Name of the PrivateBin installation "PrivateBin"
pbin_discussion_enabled Allow discussions to be opened true
pbin_password_enabled Allow custom passwords to be set true
pbin_fileupload_enabled Allow files to be attached to pastes true
pbin_burn_after_reading_default Set the checkmark to delete pastes after reading by default false
pbin_formatter_default Default formatter to use (plaintext, markdown or syntaxhighlighting) "plaintext"
pbin_syntax_theme Theme to use for syntax highlighting, false to apply no custom theme false
pbin_template Frontend template to use "bootstrap"
pbin_language_selection Display the language selection dropdown false
pbin_sizelimit Limit for the size of each paste in bytes 10485760 (10 Mebibytes)
pbin_notice Add a notice to the privatebin frontend, false to disable false
pbin_formatter_options Set available formatters, their order and their labels [plaintext: "Plain Text", syntaxhighlighting: "Source Code", markdown: "Markdown"]
pbin_compression Compression method to use, zlib or none "zlib"
pbin_expire_default Default expiry time for pastes, must be present in pbin_expire_options "1week"
pbin_expire_options Available expiration times in second [5min: 300, 10min: 600, 1hour: 3600, 1day: 86400, 1week: 604800, 1month: 2592000, 1year: 31536000, never: 0]
pbin_ratelimit Seconds in between pates from the same IP 10
pbin_forwarded_header If running behind a reverse proxy, set to the name of the header containing the clients IP such as X_FORWARDED_FOR, false to disable false
pbin_traffic_dir Directory to store the traffic limits in "{{ pbin_datadir }}"
pbin_purge_limit Minimum time between purging attempts in seconds 300
pbin_purge_batchsize Maximum number of pastes to delete when purging, larger installations may need to increase this value 10
pbin_purge_dir Directory to store the purge limit in "{{ pbin_datadir }}"

#Example Playbook

- name: Install PrivateBin
  hosts: privatebin
    - e1mo.privatebin
    - privatebin
    pbin_path: "/var/www/bin.e1mo.de"
    pbin_user: "www-data"
    pbin_model_class: "Filesystem"
    pbin_pdo_dsn: "mysql:host=localhost;dbname=privatebin"
    pbin_pdo_user: "privatebin"
    pbin_pdo_pass: "privatebin"



A selection of selected Projects that relate to this role, helped to create or inspired me:

#Author Information

Written by Moritz 'e1mo' Fromm.

The role is developed on sourcehut at https://git.sr.ht/~e1mo/ansible-role-privatebin. To contribute send your patches to ~e1mo/ansible-role-privatebin [at] lists.sr.ht using git send-email (Mailing list etiquette). The issue-tracker is located at https://todo.sr.ht/~e1mo/ansible-role-privatebin, no account needed.