The Netherlands


Earlier, 16 years of web development using mostly PHP, Python and SQL. Now, more interested in lower level languages like Rust, Go or C.


Danny's dotfiles


My personal website (www.dannyvankooten.com)


A WordPress plugin that configures wp_mail to use SMTP


A WordPress plugin to rewrite asset URL's to use a CDN instead of locally hosted files


WordPress plugin to automatically generate a plaintext version of HTML emails


A WordPress plugin to change usernames efficiently


A social sharing plugin for WordPress that uses plain HTML links


My solutions for Advent of Code 2019 - 2022. In Rust, C, Python and Python respectively.


Bytecode compiler and virtual machine for the Pepper toy programming language, hosted in C.


C implementation of the Monkey programming language


command line tool to assess readability and SEO score for any HTML document or web page


Source code for the www.dutchfirecalc.nl website


Some exercises from The C Programming Language book by Kernighan & Ritchie. Aka "The Bible".


C program that runs the Trinity study SWR simulation using custom parameters


Web application to track your pull-up volume

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