Don't make ,st too chatty
Install git diff-image and chromecastize
Remove pointless empty tmux config
Update FreeBSD setup scripts for FreeBSD 14.0
Update FreeBSD setup scripts for FreeBSD 14.0
Don't bother with a separate editorconfig since merging setups
Add script to open a given GitHub issue in a browser
Install gnome-tweaks
Increase default font size of notifications
Update ,gi to generate single links or lists
Bump the font size for dmenu - again, high-res screens only
Add kmb, especially for kmb-kill-matching-buffers-no-ask
Fix up shortcuts
Add script to set up scrolling on Logitech trackball
Use a larger font size as I only run i3 on high-res monitors now
Install ffmpeg
Install Bash My AWS
Install GNU Parallel
Add a utility script to serve a directory on the Web
Install Audacity