Use pa-applet instead of volumecontrol
Add Docker version to general versions script
Add shortcut for utils/yank-buffer-project-filename


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This repository contains my setup files for a variety of OSs and tools I use.


  • GNU Emacs. My editor of choice, as well as my email client, IRC client, etc.
  • Linux Mint. I use Mint as my daily desktop OS.
  • FreeBSD. I'm working on this in fits and starts, with the aim to return to running FreeBSD as my desktop OS soon.


  • Ubuntu for iMac G3. Scripts to get an old version of Ubuntu running on the iMac G3.
  • macOS. Created while using an employer-issued MacBook some years ago.
  • PinePhone. Created while I was using my PinePhone as a daily driver.


All documentation and code in this repository is in the public domain, and licensed under the WTFNMFPL for jurisdictions that do not recognise the public domain. See COPYING for the license itself.