Add summaries to OG tags
Install library needed for HTML to text conversion
Add some basic OpenGraph tags
Slightly reduce font size in adblocker banner
Improve styling of adblocker warning
Fix whitespace
Add adblocker warning to default template
Fix CSS whitespace
Fix all the formatting

No idea what happened here?  Maybe one of my dev machines has a
bonkers / broken editorconfig setup.
Remove unused library reference
Clean up dependency scripts and README
Lots of style cleanup

+ Consistent formatting.
+ Consistent quotes.
+ Editorconfig.
+ Removed some logging.
Refactor Web and Gemini generators into a single class
Mention that Halp is now a generator in the README
Migrate Web and Gemini serving to static generation
Ignore tmp files
Add empty output structure for testing
Add script to install all CPAN modules

Sort of assumes CPAN is installed already :)
Parameterise the Web vs. Gemini option
Make sure we can never run Halp with a relative Web path