Victoria, Australia

My open source projects are on https://git.sr.ht/~duncan-bayne.

You can find my professional resume on the Web, but all my personal stuff lives on Gemini.


A simulator of a toy robot that moves on a tabletop.


Scripts and documentation to create and manage an Emacs (and Emacs package) development environment using FreeBSD jails.


An Emacs plugin to provide Web-based remote control for org-present.


Lints a Gemini capsule finding problems like broken or invalid links.


A simple Scheme-like Lisp interpreter targeting the Amstrad CPC (and thus indirectly the Z80 CPU).


A toolkit for awesome mobile development in Common Lisp on the PinePhone ARM64 system.


keep-me is a command line tool to allow parents whose schools use KeptMe to: a) Download an offline backup of all their childrens’ data, b) View updates and notifications without having to use the KeptMe app or mobile website.


youtube-crapfilter is a Greasemonkey user script, designed to remove a lot of the noise and gratuitous NSFWty from YouTube.


traffic-lights is an Arduino sketch that runs traffic light LEDs based on noise level, calibrated against the background noise present at startup.


Redbubble coding test


A Heroku buildpack that uses Roswell to compile Common Lisp applications.


Witching Isle 1 is the first of a series of interactive fiction I've written and coded.


A solution to the 'Vietnamese school maths puzzle' in Common Lisp


Removes the Featured Videos feed from YouTube. This plugin is now deprecated; use AdBlock instead.

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